04 December 2009

A One Trick sHOw

If efforts to expand the life of one of my favorite candles (Creamy Custard and Blushing Apple by Glade), I've decided to let no speck of wax to be thrown away.

When one candle burned out today, but still had over an inch of delicious almost-edible blushing apple left in the bottom (this is a layered scent), I got out a knife to stab the person that can't figure out how to make a wick long enough for the entire candle to dig the rest out.

How To Extend The Yumminess of Your Favorite Candle Scent:
Step 1: Have a yummy candle.

Step 2: Once it burns out, dig out the bottom (see below)

Step 3: (In your pre-purchased tart warmer) Place a 1-1.5 inch section of the wax and use as normal.

Yay for being cheap!

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  1. TOTALLY bought that candle lastnight.....L-O-V-E IT!


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