11 January 2010

Baby... It's Cold Outside

An artic cold snap in the South means that I've had to become a penguin and learn to deal with lows in the single digits and highs not above freezing. I'm adjusting to putting on more clothes when we need to do errands, and could handle it if it weren't for the few gusty moments (then it's just TOO MUCH!). However, having the heat on indoors is doing a number on my face, lips and hands.

Here's just a few things I'm doing to beat being an ashy snow-woman.

First up... an impulse buy from Wal-Mart, Nivea A Kiss of Moisture with SPF 4.

This was quite the find! It goes on so smoothly, has no weird taste and keeps my lips super moisturized for longer than the average lip balm.

I'm prone to chapping because of the wind, but this stuff has kept my lips from harm.

Next up is a product I've not only mentioned before on this blog, but is also a staple in my skin care regime. Typically, I use Cetaphil Fragrance Free Moisturizing Cream for any rough, dry area that's giving me extra trouble.

But with the heat on nonstop, combined with the wind and bone-chilling air, my entire body has had it! With the Cetaphil cream, you get a no-nonsense, fragrance-free (therefore sting-free and perfect for senstitive skin), thick moisturizer that, once absorbed, leaves no sticky/slimey/just nasty feel.

I also put this on the boys' hands, cheeks, arms and legs to protect their skin from the same harsh elements. Your husband won't mind it either, since it doesn't smell of "Candy Apple Custard" or "Warm Sugar Cookies". Michael might be addicted to this stuff!

With all the extra heat and no outdoor humidity, you might of noticed your hair is SCREAMING at you in the form of unruliness, flyaways and static. Without humidity, your hair is dryer and therefore, more prone to damage. Make sure to use a conditioning treatment (I use one once a week). For a cheaper alternative to salon brand treatments, I use Garnier Fructis 3 Minute Deep Conditioning Masque.

Simple to use in the shower after your normal shampoo (obviously, skip your regular conditioner when you use this). It smells great and helps whip my hair back in line.

Lastly, I might be addicting to cashmere - ON MY FEET!

Cashmere socks are unbelievably soft and keeps those piggies warm! I have several pairs from different places. Also, just as awesome to thaw your feet are "house boots" or extra soft, thick socks.

I have a pair of "house boots" from Old Navy that I might need rehab for. I keep trying to wear them out of the house, and when I fail, I take all of 2 seconds to put them on once I get back home.


How are you staying warm(er)?


  1. This cold weather is killing me. I have super sensitive skin so I feel like I've had to overhaul everything and now taking a shower is a much more massive ordeal than it should be. Grr. I need the humidity to come back lol.

  2. hollyhearts11 January, 2010

    well as me mum alwaiz sed, if ur hed iz wurm thin the ressed of ur bodie wil b wurm 2 so i ware hayats n scarfs n thengs lyke that plus fleese &&plentee of layurs

  3. love the new look, btw.

    OMG it is COLD! Drives me crazy when it's this cold, plus my work doesn't have heat. (Which is think was really stupid, but whatever)


  4. OMG Chris bought me a pair of the "House Boots" from Old Navy and I am OBSESSED with them. I too have tried a few times to wear them out of the house -- I dare someone to say something to me about it. They are just too dang comfortable. Aquaphor is my recent cold weather remedy because the cold weather is killing my lips and skin. Yay for products : )


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