13 January 2010

Dancing With Myself

I took a purple sippy cup out of my purse and chunked it into an empty car seat, grabbed my purse and went inside. I took a seat at the bar and ordered a sprite.

I honestly didn't know what to do with myself.

I wasn't chasing Chase under tables or around them. I wasn't begging Conner to keep his seat and stop picking his nose.

I was sitting - for longer than 2 minutes.

I'm not going to lie either, it was strange. For one, I was alone and two, I didn't have the kids with me. It was almost like being a grown-up.

Turns out though, I'm not very good at it. So, I took out my notebook and doodled a bit before ordering not-kid-friendly-at-all appetizers - bang bang shrimp and ahi tuna along with a Pine-Apple martini (Van Gogh Pineapple vodka + Dekuyper apple liquor + pineapple juice + splash of sweet & sour mix = forever win). It was all so delicious, but quiet.

What the heck was I supposed to do with all the non-screaming? Carry on a conversation? HA! I can't do that with people I know (another way of saying I'm the most awkward person I know).

After I paid my tab and did... more... sitting... I walked next door to a Books-A-Million. To which, I'd like to write a short letter.

Dear Books-A-Million,

 I don't want your stupid "Millionaire's Club Membership". It expires every year, during which time I have normally driven past your store twice. It's just not worth 10 bucks.
Most importantly, I'd like for you to note that pushing me to get join your special *club* (*cough* cult), saying that if I do join I'll get FREE! WI-FI!! but other wise I'll have to pay a day rate IS A HUGE FAIL when I can plop down in a large chair, and begin surfing ANY ONE OF THE FOUR FREE WIFI NETWORKS IN THIS AREA.


I bought the boys 6 new books, which I am stoked about. Chase has been spending a lot of time in his room (normal!), with his books (normal!) and his favorite disney movie (Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas) (normal! but out of season!), while Conner is busy waging war between GI Joe and... a lego fort and most certainly not in his room because that's the last place Conner would play. Or sleep. Or exist. It's like a black hole for him.

By the way, I never knew that GI Joe was a FORCE or COLLECTIVE GROUP OF POORLY DRESSED INDIVIDUALS! I always thought "GI Joe" meant some rambo-esque guy with the first initials "G.I." last name "Joe". I'm an 80s childhood fail, I know.

So yes. I'm went on a date with myself. I dressed up, treated myself to a lovely, yet annoyingly quiet, dinner, and a little book shopping at Books-A-Million. Go me!


  1. It took me 5 hours to read that post, that's with coming back to it twice. I think I could use a date night by myself too! Thank you for the idea!!

  2. Good for you Amanda!!

    I have to tell you, though.....once upon a time, I used to work for Books-a-Million...and while I loved working in the store -- I HATED to push that stupid membership on nice folks like yourself. Half the time, I never even asked....soooo against company policy! LOL!

    Glad you had some time to yourself!

    ~ Jennifer

  3. This girl just wouldn't quit! I tried to explain how I was a SAHM and couldn't get two seconds in the door much less to a check-out counter with an item. I was GLAD to steal their internet. :)


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