18 January 2010

Day At The Park (Mostly Just Interesting For My Mom)

We went here (the parks around Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Museum and Theater) -

And fed these (see: below) some very yummy Lance's Grilled Cheese crackers (because damnit, that's all we had and they were already crushed)


And towards the back of the park, next to the art museum, were several Where The Wild Things Are-esque sculptures made of twigs. Amazing. You can see them in the background (on the left) in this picture -

Chase's hand.. AWWWW

And after I uploaded all of these, I noticed that Picasa can make collages, so I did just that.


  1. If I do have a boy this time, will he be as cute as these? I might be able to handle that.

  2. 1) AWW! THANKS!
    2) *sprinkle sprinkle* There you go. Magic "Absolutely Adorable Boy Children Dust". Works like a charm. ;)

  3. You are so sweet. Thanks!

  4. They luff u 2, Clare!


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