12 January 2010

The Progression of The Jelly Sandwich

Conner's been eating PB&J's for a week now. Every night, after I've cooked a meal for the rest of the family, mind you, I get a whiney 4-year-old, houls of hunger pains and a truckload of drama. Conner is hungry, and I am to make him food.

He wants apple jelly, smooth peanut butter, no crust and the sandwich cut in 4 triangles, as would any normal child.

But every night, it seems, his requests are growing more and more strange. He wanted less peanut butter, then more jelly, and as of last night, all I found on his plate once he finished were scrap pieces of bread. He had licked them clean of the small spoon of peanut butter and the glob of jelly.

It was no shock to me when today, at lunch, (or better yet, an "early dinner" because someone refused to eat the corn dogs I made for lunch...) Conner made a special request for his PB&J - no peanut butter.

I told him I'd let him in on a little secret. "Apple jelly tastes so good because it's mixed with a little peanut butter. How about I just put a tiny bit?" I plead. He hesitated, but agreed.

I made the sandwich, nothing I'd eat for sure (then again, I also hate smooth peanut butter) only to find Conner licking the jelly side mere minutes after I placed it in front of him.

I could save bread, and peanut butter I suppose, if I just handed him one spoon and the jar of apple jelly.

(omg! do you not HAVE TO HAVE chocolate covered peanut butter bar now?!!)


  1. Seriously, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I saw that picture - that I have to have a chocolate covered peanut butter bar right now.

    And yes, kids are SO picky sometimes. I guess that's how we stay on our toes, huh?

  2. BEST school lunch dessert ever. Any idea how to make it with the grainy-ish peanut butter and the solid chocolate, no crust? Because I'd totally make some and FedEx it to you.


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