29 January 2010

To The State of Alabama's Government, Voters and Hypocrites.

Dear State of Alabama,

Time and time again, I hear how poorly our education system is doing. How it ranks so far behind other states, and frankly, it is a great disservice to not only our state, but our children, and most importantly - our future. It's not honestly just "our fault", it's the economic situation and the contributing factor of a lack of funds to better provide for our children, grandchildren and family.

However, I'd like to point out that yes, we live in the South, the "Bible Belt" if you will, and therefore cling to our moral standards with pride. But the way we are ignoring our overall goal, and that of a better, brighter future for our children is simply ignorant and unfounded. It is my opinion, and that of many others, that the best way to express our faith and make light of our moral compass is to better educate our children and unleash them into the world to make examples and to lead in a Christian way.

Sadly, our children can not do this if we do not provide them the basics - to allow them the best education we can afford. To do this, we would need the funds to pay our hard working educators, provide ever-changing and necessary state-of-the-art computer systems, and an educational system that propells hard-working students from a recognized secondary education into a well-funded higher education, and eventually, nationally recognized graduate programs.

"How do we achieve these things without a greater source of income" you might ask. I also ask " how do we go FORWARD instead of cutting programs as we, as a state, are having to do now?". The answer is so simple - legalize gambling.

It makes me sick to think of how many casino goers were kicked out of Victoryland at 6 AM this morning. Yes, it's a Friday at SIX a.m. - but that is an individual's choice. The same people who oppose legal gambling in our state take their money to Mississippi, Georgia, Tenneessee, Louisianna, Florida and Vegas (for example, the former commander of the Task Force on Illegal Gambling, David Barber, who took his money to a Mississippi casino and won $2,300) . In short, the education we could afford for our children is being handed to other states.

We are blowing it.

I refuse to stand by and let our governor and state pretend we are "more Christian" because we don't have legalized gambling in Alabama. It is not our job to be God's earthly Judging Force; the government has no business in regulating sin. Denying ourselves a greater state, a greater future and better-educated children is not buying them a more Christian lifestyle, it is simply robbing them of opportunity. The opportunity to have access to the same things most states are already providing. The same opportunity other states offer their high school students - the same students that our graduates are up against for admission and scholarships.

When our Alabama students lose out on scholarships and admission to well-known schools, in the end, we are robbing them of the better jobs.

Quite frankly, we are robbing ourselves of a better life and it makes me sick.

Please, wake up Alabama. Stop pretending we are some how better than the next state because we don't have this "evil monster" in our backyards. Stop being hypocritical and purchasing lotto tickets in Florida or Georgia while on vacation. Stop visiting Vegas for a bachelor's party, dropping hundreds (if not thousands) out-of-state. Stop enjoying that weekend in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Or, simply, legalize gambling in Alabama so our children can benefit.

Amanda Zaremba
Mother of 2 boys who wants better for their futures.


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  2. I'm in Dothan (Country Crossing) and just can not agree with you. Doesn't mean I don't like you; I just can't agree with you. Most of the money given to Houston County from County Crossing is going to build a bigger jail and then the left over is going to purchase land to make the library bigger. Which I probably should let you know, the library is a joke here and no one even goes to it anyways. None of the money is going to the schools - as in $0 of the money is going to the schools - and the schools are crap here just as in Montgomery.

  3. This was the thought process when NC started the 'education' lottery several years ago. It is a fallacy. The money does not make it to the schools and certainly not in amounts claimed by its original supporters. Unfortunately, our governor and legislators see it only as a slush fund for their pet projects, etc. I can say that it wouldn't be the same in AL, but politicians are pretty much the same everywhere.


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