03 February 2010

Basically a Picture Post - My Shakers Say 'Moo'

I collect salt & pepper shakers. Here are my two newest ones! Moo.

Oh, and I also have an obsession with nail polish (as so many of you are aware). Conner simply cracks me up because he tells me he "loves the smell" (yeah. I'm watching you, kid).So when I got a few new polishes last week, and ran out of fingers for trying them on, Conner happily volunteered.

To be honest, he wasn't happy about it at all, but did get giggly/nervous once I did the one (and only) finger. Also, please note HIS HAIR!! Conner spends the first hour after I put Chase down for nap UPSIDE DOWN in his "big green chair" in our living room, watching Pokemon. The result of said upside-down-ness combined with static is a mess.

It's fabulous.

For Michael's birthday last week, his parents brought him down a cake for a mini-celebration. They, for some reason or another, chose a Christmas picture (large decorated tree as the background) of Chase and Conner, neither child looking at the camera (and Conner's eyes basically shut). Chase has put a large dent in the cake, so we've decided to throw it away. Before we did, we let Chase have one last bite.

Such an animal.

Also, my sister-in-law recently got engaged. I wanted to take a few pictures of her engagement ring on Saturday, but my camera had a different plan. It died 4 shots in. Major bummer. So here's the only decent shot I got, edited 3 ways.

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