24 February 2010

Layla Grace.

I could type a thousand paragraphs on how unfair little Layla's illness is, or how horrible I feel for her parents, family and friends. But, I feel that reading her story straight from her parents is more moving.

Layla is likely in her last hours, and this precious face will no longer grace us, but will join her Heavenly Father in His Kingdom - finally free of pain.

This beautiful child's pain breaks my heart. Please pray for her family.

Image from Layla Grace.org taken by Christie Lacy.


  1. Can't stop thinking about this precious little girl. So unfair. I hope somehow her and her family are able to find peace.

  2. No words to describe how awesome Laylas Mom is in so many ways. Thx for pointing me to her page. I'm up following tweets all night (made easy by screaming newborn waking me up)


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