08 February 2010

My Laughter's Cost in Eyelashes

There are some things that no parenting class will ever prepare you for.

Like having a 2-year-old remove half your eyelashes by method of iphone.

(and my eyelashes are not normally stuck together like that. They are in such a position because I was CRYING LIKE A BABY.)

The first question I keep getting - HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?

Answer: I have no damn idea.

Chase grabbed my iphone out of my lap and BAM! hit me in the eye. I'm guessing since he hit my brow bone and pinned my lashes to it, when he pulled away quickly, it took my lashes with it.

I cried for 5 minutes before realizing the cosmetic damage. It hurt so badly that I assumed my contact split in my eye (still to be determined). Then, to assess the damage, I pulled my hand away slowly only to recognize about 20-30 lashes stuck to my palm.

Time to grow back: 1-2 months.

Oh, and Conner has a Valentine's Day Party on Wednesday. I'm on the committee. Anyone have brand recommendations for false eyelashes?


  1. If you have a Sally's Beauty Supply near you, they should carry a good inexpensive brand called Ardell. If not, any drugstore should have kits with either full strips or individual lashes, whatever you'd rather try. All you need are the lashes and some lash glue, most kits have both. There are tons of YouTube videos on how to apply false lashes if you've never done it before.

    PS - OUCH.

  2. Oh, my. That's awful! I'm so sorry! I have never used false eyelashes before. I hope your eye recovers quickly.

  3. OMG that doesn't even sound possible- as i read this I just keep looking at my iphone and it is so much scarier than it was 5 minutes ago. ugh.
    I hope you aren't as challenged as I am in eye lash application-I cannot do it, but I can't even put drops in my eyes. So maybe its a "me problem"


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