01 February 2010

Writer's Block Goblin v. Mommy

After staring at this stupid, blank screen for a few days out of sincere desperation to simply CHURN OUT A POST, I've finally accepted my diagnosis: Writer's Block.

I've mulled and contorted my tiny, lost leggos and mush of a brain over every topic that comes up. With running a "mommy blog", that typically means considering your 113th post on laundry anguish, contemplating another rant on how children make you age three times faster, or how out of touch you STILL are with the rest of the universe because you spend countless hours a day in the Land Of 4-year-old and 2-year-old boys.

So I sat down in front of my computer, smack between dropping Conner off at preschool and picking up Conner from preschool, because... well, it lasts 3 hours. I spent 5 minutes contemplating which movie would keep Chase's attention the longest, trains vs. Mickey Mouse vs. something new and exciting. Which shows could likely become replacement attention holders if my "plan A" failed, noting Disney's Movie Time Monday as an all around win, what with the limited commercial action.

Sometimes, Disney saves lives people.

Of course, writing in this little window meant a few things were bound to happen.

While basically inhaling my breakfast cereal in dangerous proximity to my open laptop, Chase, better known as the Cereal Monster around these parts, stalks my bedside like the Chupacabra, snaking his way towards my brimming cereal bowl, only to ninja kick the whole thing into the air, landing in a cereal and milk landslide down my freshly laundered bedspread. Fortunately, it missed my laptop.

Obviously, once the mess was removed, laundry wadded into a ball and thrown into a hamper hand washed, line dried in the dewy morning air, ironed and fitted perfectly back on the bed, I once again sat down to stare my One-Eyed Fiend in the eyes and proclaim "Writer's Block Goblin, I will conquer you" followed by my best (or worst) maniacal laugh.

Which brings me to now, as I sit in my 4-year-old's bunk bed (because it ended up being my only haven), typing ABOUT my writer's block, rather than actually producing a genuine, thought-provoking, entertaining contribution to this publication. Mostly because I'm a mom and that comes first, but also because I'm a mom and it's the most inspirational thing a writer could ever hope for.

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