12 March 2010

7 Quick Takes To Cure My Ailing Blog


Poor neglected blog! It's been a whole week since I put up an actual post with some substance! But, I have good reason. Or 4 reasons since all 4 of us had the stomach bug/flu from Friday to Tuesday. I have no idea how we survived.


In non-vomit related news, I've been in Super Tease Mode for a week now because I have a HUGE (ok, it's only big to me) (that's what she said?) news for next week. Tenatively, I expected to announce it by next Thursday, but I'm starting to think that a) I'm ahead of schedule and b) I just have NO patience.

I've never been one for huge surprises, mostly because patience feels like a time bomb in my viens.
Just so you know, I'm really excited and can't wait to share with all of you. How about I finish up a few lose ends and go ahead and show all of you on Monday?


Tosh.o slays me. Watch it. Comedy central. Fridays. No idea what time. Google it.


As many of you know, Layla Grace went to Heaven on Tuesday, March 9th.

I don't really know what to say. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.


I mentioned Chuggington on twitter, a new show on the Disney channel. Chase is IN LOVE. Talking trains? Yes, please.

Something I've noticed recently with Chase, he sings a lot. Any show with a theme song that he's heard more than 5 times and he's got at least a few words memorized. Funny enough, memorizing songs is something I've always been good at - too bad I can't sing worth crap.


Yesterday, I drove both boys to Birmingham for a pulmonology check-up at Children's for Conner. It just blows my mind to see them walking together into the hospital after all Chase went through.

Such big boys!


The Eclipse trailer was released yesterday. I'm NOT  fan of the replacement for Victoria. Smart move not having the new chick in the trailer for longer than 3 seconds.

I've also heard several good things about Remember Me with R. Pattz. Hope to see that as soon as it comes out on DVD.

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Amanda Bosque12 March, 2010

    I saw 'Remember Me' last night at an Advance Screening and it was great! I would highly recommend it. Not what you are expecting, but great. I laughed some and cried about 3 times (I'm a big baby anyways)!

  2. I like Rachelle Lefevre, but I'm a big Bryce Howard fan (this stems from the time that I kept being mistaken for her at MGM studios when I was a kid) and from the trailer, I think she looks more like the character the book describes, so I'm willing to give her a shot. But I'm still mildly bummed that they felt the need to switch them to begin with...

    Hope you're finally feeling better.

  3. the whole chase singing all the time. Jake did it. alllllll the time. to the point where while i was still serving and you know that "zone" you get into when it's busy? yeah, i was singing all the dang theme songs from saturday morning disney. mickey mouse clubhouse, handy manny, little einsteins, imagination movers, all of them. turn on 103.7 the Q though, and i've not a clue what's playing.


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