01 March 2010

Her Name Is Bella

We.... um... got a puppy.

I KNOW, I know... like I honestly need MORE to pick up, or watch, or care for... BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MESSES GOING ON ALREADY... but still.

We acquired a bulldog.

A baby bulldog.

And her name is Bella... or Isabella which is shortened to any number of things (like "bells" or "SERIOUSLY, NOT ON THE GROUT!")

We had no plans for a new dog, NONE. As a matter of fact, my puppy years were behind me and I was looking forward to selling off all the onesies, bottles and the bouncer.


I'm STRESSED about EVERYTHING - like THE HOUSE, THE KIDS, MY LIFE and thus, additional responsibilities may or may not land me in the Looney House.

Nonetheless, Bella stumbled into our family and needs a home. So, a home is what she'll get. She does make me smile, which is a good thing since me smiling is hard to come by these days (except the ones produce by Conner and Chase, those rock).

Fortunately for MY BRAIN, she's crate trained, extremely gentle, sleeps through the night, and honestly hasn't made a big mess (yet).

It's only been 48 hours, but I'm still wondering one thing - WHY DO WE HAVE A PUPPY?


  1. Sally Thomas02 March, 2010

    She is adorable....if you don't want her, let me know. She can come live with me anyday. I love bulldogs!! Hope yall are doing well. Tell Mike hello.

    (carys sister)


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